SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARA Max cost £5.00, $8 Takes about 30 minutes

Spaghetti with bacon & eggs Serves 4-5 as a main course

My all-time favorite pasta dish. Over several years I have worked and travelled in Italy and must have eaten spaghetti alla carbonara dozens of times. Sadly, it was only as good as my own on two occasions, both of them eaten with gusto at the same restaurant near the 'Castel Sant'Angelo' in Rome.
This sauce does not keep well.


Heat the oil in a frying pan. Gently fry the garlic until it reaches a deep golden colour on both sides, then remove it from the pan and discard. Add the butter and pancetta and fry until it starts to become crisp. Pour in the wine, if using, and boil rapidly to evaporate. Stir in the cream and remove from the heat.

Cook the spaghetti in plenty of boiling salted water until al dente. While they are cooking beat the egg yolks and cheese together in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. When the spaghetti are cooked, reheat the bacon mixture, drain the spaghetti and transfer to a warmed serving bowl. Add the bacon mixture and toss it with the spaghetti. Then pour over the egg mixture and toss all together until the spaghetti are well coated.

Serve immediately with extra parmesan cheese.